The Pictish Roundhouse


The Main Hall



While Pictish history in particular was my inspiration for starting this webpage, I am choosing to complete this wing last, more slowly and more carefully, because I want to ensure that it is of quality construction. While many of the other parts of the Keep are simply brain dumps or previously developed class notes, I will be working on making this a well-researched, well-cited series of pages. Please keep checking back -I hope you find it worth the wait!



Current Class Offerings on Pictish Topics

Pictish Bread

Pictish Gown

Pictish Life

Pictish Symbols

The Pictish World

The Well-Dressed Pict



Iohanna found my Pictish Gown directions too long and so has made a short "cheat sheet" available here:

Iohanna's Quick and Dirty Pictish Gown Worksheet