The Griffin's Needle Challenge
Competition Divisions
There are three main competition divisions:
  • Only basic documentation required. This may be as simple as a few pictures of the inspiration for the outfit and a list of the materials used and why those materials were chosen. A basic bibliography of the sources used to select the images and the materials is needed.
  • May use prepared or commercial patterns.
  • Sewing machines may be used.
  • No Laurels in costuming, textile arts, related fields, or "ringers" allowed on team.
  • All other rules apply

  • Considerable documentation required. Unless you are recreating a specific outfit, several views of similar outfits should be included and your documentation should discuss why choices of materials, colors, and decorations were made.  A bibliography must be included and should include both online and printed sources
  • May use pre-drafted patterns but not commercial patterns.
  • Sewing machines may be used, but visible machine stitching should be minimized.
  • Teams may not include more than two Laurels in any field.
  • All other rules apply


Northshield has a proud tradition of highly valuing those who make a consistent effort to present a period appearance and has the Order of the Pyxis for the purpose of recognizing those who succeed in that endeavor. In order to encourage such endeavors as part of the Griffin’s Needle Challenge, there will be a third category which will be judged more strictly, with an expectation of advanced research and/or documentation and with an eye on authenticity in all aspects of the garment and its construction. Baroness Eithni will provide a special prize for entrants into this division.
  • Extensive documentation expected and sources should be made available on site when possible. Each garmet should be presented in the documentation along with discussion of the decisions regarding its materials, color, cut, construction, and decoration. THis discussion should be cited closely enough that judges may refer to the source material to evaluate further, if desired.
  • Period materials and methods used insofar as possible, and the use of modern materials, methods, colors, etc must be explained and adequately justified.
  • Absolutely no visible machine stitching on completed garments, with a goal of no machine stitching whatsoever, even on hidden seams.
  • Should aim to produce a complete outfit, including textile and non-textile accessories as well as key accoutrements, which may be made off-site and in advance, if necessary.
  • All other rules apply