The Griffin's Needle Challenge
Pictures from Past Challenge


Photos of the event in progress here

Intermediate/Advanced Division:

Pretty, Pretty José
Team: Adele von Pasau, Zeba São Pacian, Jose São Pacian (model), Sarah the Foole, Demona di Rosa, Alyna of Pinehyll
Outfit: 15th -16th c Moorish kit that will pass SCA rapier armor standards
Pieces: Pants, shirt, robe, full circle cloak, sash, turban

Idle Seamstresses
Team: Siobhan Medhbh O'Roarke (model), Una Duckfoot, Alissende de Mont Falcon, Helena Caxton, Ysabel of Jararvellir, Samia al-Kaslaania
Outfit: Early Italian Renaissance (1480)
Pieces: Manches (sleeves [cut out, trim/beading]), giornea (overdress), gamurra (fitted underdress), camina (chemise), and veil

The Talbot (the talbot)
Team: Robert (model) & Leona Talbot, Dejaneecie Amidarium Vu, Nikea de Leon, Teffan Koerwent (research but unable to attend)
Outfit: 14th c. English Man’s outfit
Pieces: chausses, braes, undershirt, coat, hood, pouch. Blackwork on shirt and braes (matching—Medieval Garanimals.)

Pyxis' Pleasure Division:
Counting Sheep
Team: Alexandra and Janvier der Wasserman, Ealasaid nic Phearsoin (model w/the bed), Guttorm Arneson, Mary of Falcon's Keep, Beatrice of Falcon's Keep
Outfit: A Viking Bedchamber with occupant
Pieces: naalbound slippers (premade), skinnfell(3 sheepskins sewn together), linen chemise and braes, mattress & pillow (linen w/feather filling)

Rusty Nails and Regular Beatings
Team: Æðelwalh se Bald, Aelina Ailinesdotter, Margie Eithnismother, Buffy Eithnissister, Anna of Jararvellir (model)
Outfit: 10th c Norse Woman’s outfit
Pieces: 3 layers (blue linen underdress, yellow linen apron dress, purples wool over apron dress, shoes

Intermediate/Advanced Division:
Magnifico's Minions
Team: Niccolo Falconetto, Cesar, Riva, Justin, Sorcha inghen Maille
Outfit: 1550’s Spanish man’s outfit
Pieces: Doublet, trunk hose, jerkin, hat, linen shirt & braes, sword belt (purchased hardwear). Hose were purchased.

Cards and Friends
Team: Anpliça Fiore, Gevehard von Baden, Siobhan Medhbh O'Roarke, Kolfinna Hrafnkelsdottir, and Annora le Spindlere
Outfit: 1340 Englishwoman's ensemble based on inspiration found in the Lutrell Psalter.
Pieces: Sleeveless chemise, underdress, sideless gown with heraldic applique representing Elashava & Giles, hosen (all linen), pouch, garters, belt, brooch (leather & pewter). All molds for pewter pieces were created on site. Casting done on site. Lampwork beads for pouch done on site.

Flying Monkeys
Team : Druscilla Galbraith, Annetje van Leuven, Eva of Greenfield, Kou no Toshikage, Typhaine Arondeal)
Outfit: Northern Italian Man’s outfit from 1529 adapted for the SCA fencer
Pieces: Cotton velveteen lined with linen, shoes, flat hat, fitted hose, linen shirt, codpiece. Shoes were purchased.

Advanced Division
Not-So-Lone Lion
Team: Sita, Cassandra of the Western Green, Margaret, Aoife Óran Bran, Marian Elizabeth Wollenschläger, Nikolaus der Ausländer, Amalia of Nordskogen
Outfit: 15th c. French woman’s fitted gown
Pieces: Linen hose, linen over & over gown, leather belt, linen head wrap, wool oversleeves. Garters, shoes (leather), and lucet cording were all done in advance.

All thumbs
Team: Katerina, Jean du Mal Chance
Outfit: Late period male outfit
Pieces: Team experienced multiple technical difficulties and withdrew before time was called.

Evil Minions
Team: Kateryn of the Amber Mists, Nikea deLeon, Alice of Kent, Dejaneecie Amidarium Vu, Demona di Rosa, Arianna da Lucca
Project: Anne of Cleves dress (16th c. German)
Pieces: Chemise (silk/linen/cotton blend), dress (velveteen), Bodice (velvet trimmed in silk), shoes (leather), hose & trim (wool), appropriate jewelry. Knit hose & trim started off site and finished during the competition.

Pyxis Pleasure Division
Steppe Sisters
Team: Moira nicConnell, Helena Caxton, Sarangerel the Sadist, Ekaterina, Aoife Cno' Capaill
Outfit: Woman's 8th to 10th c. Scythian
Pieces: Trousers, jacket, under tunic, felt boots with goat hide top, felt hat, leather belt with brass buckle, whip. Brass belt buckle, wet felting of hat, dying & prep of wool for felting of boots was done in advance.

Equestrians and Company
Team: Samia al-Kaslaania, Alissende de Montfaucon, Eliane Halevy, Checheyigen Oyugun, Ysabel, Iohanna Carracci
Project: Woman's fitted Gothic Cote inspired by Christine de Pizan, 14th c Italian
Pieces: 2 fitted cotes (one silk, one silk/wool blend), hair bunlets, veils, hosen, pouch, shoes, cast and fabric buttons, all silk thread. Buttons (both cast and sewn) were completed in advance.

Stitchy Widgets
AEthelwalh se Bald, Anna z Pernstejna, Bridei nic Gillechattan, Elena, Cyneburg, Susan
Project: 14th c. English man's outfit
Pieces: Linen braes & under tunic, wool hose, woolen over tunic with linen lining, stamped & painted leather belt, shoes, knife, belt, pouch, woolen cloak, hat, linen coif. Belt was cut in advance, but tooling & dying/painting done on site, pouch, knife (purchased), shoes (purchased).

Special thanks to Elashava for photos and reporting and to Juliana for photos!


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