The Griffin's Needle Challenge
Schedule (subject to change)
  5:00 PM - Site opens to staff
  7:00 PM - Site opens to attendees
  9:45 PM - Competition Begins with the reading of rules
 10:00 PM - Needles up!
 12:00 AM - Midnight snack
  3:00 AM - Snack time
  6:00 AM – Breakfast
  9:00 AM - Snack time
  12:00 PM – Lunch
  3:00 PM - Snack time
  6:00 PM - Needles down! Competition Ends and Dinner is served
  6:30 PM - Fashion show and judging
  9:00 PM (approximate) - Judges’ Report/Awards
  10:00 PM - Site Close

Meal Plan Information
Meal options will be focused on low-mess, low-staining, easy-to-eat-while-sewing items.
2017 info is below and 2019 fare will be similar!

Full Board Menu for 2017:
  • Midnight Really Nutritious Snacks (vegetables and fruits)
  • 3 AM Questionably Nutritious Snacks (cookies, chips, brownies)
  • 6 AM First Breakfast: Egg Bake, with a vegetarian option, toast
  • 9 AM Second Breakfast  Sweets  (Danish, yogurt  parfait with granola)
  • 12 PM Cold Lunch (Flat breads, regular breads, cheese, cold cut meats, condiments)
  • 3 PM Tardy Tailor's Lunch (Leftovers from the previous hours)
  • 6 PM Feast: Chicken Sour; Compound Salat; Simple Shortbread Cookies

General Notes:
  • Coffee, Tea, and Water will always be available.
  • Special requests and gluten free will attempt to be accommodated if provided in advance.
  • For special requests or other questions, please email the food coordinator