Posament Instructionals

On this page are instructionals that give you step-by-step directions (with pictures!) on how to make selected posaments. They are set up as print-ready PDF tutorials and may be used as class handouts, provided they are not altered. I would appreciate a heads up if you plan to use them for a class.


The tråd (spiral wire), bobbins, and an instruction manual can be purchased here. There is also a handy beginner kit that contains everything you need to get started.

(If you received a handout at Pennsic XLV (Summer 2016), I have discovered an error on page 11. Print a replacement image here.)



P9 crop   P9 Instructional     

P10 crop   P10 instructional  

P11 crop   P11 Instructional  

P13 crop   P13 Instructional        

Starting knot instructional


All the Spiral Posaments