Eithni's Keep



Welcome to Eithni's Keep! Come in, be welcome, and enjoy the refreshments and diversions my halls have to offer.


This is a site seriously under construction as I slowly learn how to do this HTML nonsense.

Currently, I am aiming for simple, but informative, it may get fancier as I go, but don't be expecting anything flashy!

Be patient, more doors to interesting rooms will be opening soon.



The Keep

The Main Hall

(That's here.)

The Pictish Roundhouse

All the Pictish material is kept or linked here. (still very preliminary)

The Library

Where all the books, handouts, and other educational materials are kept.

The Workshops

The place for crafts of all sorts.

The Kitchens

Topics having to do with food, drink, feasting, or otherwise hosting.

The Guest Hall

Space for friends and their interests.

The Sacred Well

Items that deal with Religion or Spirituality will live here.


The Residents









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