Rhynie Stone and Tap O' North

What’s new at Eithni’s Keep?

  • I have updated the website theme – please report any broken links or other problems!
  • All the classes handouts have been updated and provided in PDF format. If you had them linked, please update your links.
  • The Pictish pages have lingered in sort of a sad state for some time, but they are next up for review and revision.
  • New entries and organization on the Posament Bibliography page
  • New posament-related products are available in my etsy shop at The Excellent Frog

The Library

  • Where copies of all the books, handouts, and other educational materials are kept, except for the posament materials (see separate section).

The Pictish Roundhouse 


Research and Documentation


  • A place for all the miscellaneous interesting bits and bobs and fun things to do, including
    • Food and drink topics in The Kitchens 
    • A quick and easy four plait braiding technique under Whipcording
    • Materials page for hard-to-find materials and ingredients
    • Logophilia – the page where I dump odd and interesting words that I like
    • Peerage Pronunciations lists the approximate pronunciation of the names of the Laurels and MODs of Northshield
    • Baby! is the list of all my advice about pregnancy, babies, and toddlers, including useful hacks and product endorsements.
    • A Guest Hall for all the handouts and classes I host for others.