Northshield Online A&S 2022

Please join us for this virtual celebration of the Arts and Sciences!

In these seemingly endless years of plague and troubles, the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition has been postponed until June.
To tide our nerdy souls over until then, we are holding an online Arts and Sciences display.
The entries and voting will largely take place on Facebook but details, documentation, and some non-Facebook user content may be found on this website. 

Entries accepted starting February 11, 2022
Voting on entries will end at 9PM on Sunday, February 27, 2022 

Announcements/Information (Facebook Event)
Entrant Registration
Entry posting/viewing/voting (Facebook Group)
Non-Facebook Entries and Documentation

Registration is open NOW. Display will go live 2/11/2022!
NOW: Register your entry HERE.
On or after 2/11/2022: Post the entries and vote on your favorites HERE.
(See also any Non-Facebook Entries HERE.)

Categories for Entries:

  • SCA Life – Have you made something awesome to improve your life in the Current Middle Ages? This could be a cooler masquerading as a sea chest or a banner to enhance the beauty of your campsite.
  • Performing Arts – Post a video of you performing a song, dance, story, or other nerdy pursuit that is better captured in film than in still images. 
  • Martial Arts – Use these seasons of enforced peace to spruce up your kit! This category is open to any entry that can be used in any of the martial activities.  
  • Extreme Documentation – There’s never enough time at an A&S Competition to have people read your 98 page opus… Here’s your chance! Enter an item along with as much documentation as your heart desires!
  • Pandemic Prowess – Entries must either be the result of a skill you learned through distance learning (Zoom or YouTube classes) during the pandemic or using only items that were in your stash at the beginning of the pandemic. Please link to the class and/or tag the teacher.  
  • Show Us Your Stuff – Any entry that does not fit one of the above categories is welcome!
  • All Geeks Welcome – This category is for our friends from across the Knowne World who may want to join us! We want to see what fabulous things you are up to while we can’t travel to see you!


  • Queen’s Choice – The Queen will select her favorite entry from each category
  • King’s Choice – His Majesty’s favorite overall entry – Bealthor – Engraved Helmet
  • Their Highnesses’ Choice – Their Royal Highnesses’ favorite overall entry – Hrothgar Grarulfr Gunnarsson – Norse Accessories
  • Kingdom MOAS’s Choice – The KMOAS’s favorite overall entry – Apolonia Wiktoria Rozankaska – Polish Delia
  • Provost’s Choice – the Provost’s favorite overall entry – Ellen de Wynter – Enameled Brooch
  • Populace Choice – The winner will be chosen based on the entry with the greatest number of likes on the primary image 
    • SCA Life – Hrothgar Grarulfr Gunnarsson – Norse Accessories
    • Performing Arts – No Entries

Thank you to Her Grace Elis for co-sponsoring the participant thank you gifts!


Rules for Entrants:

  1. Registration is open. Entries should be posted for display on or after February 11, 2022.
  2. Entries must have been completed in the year since the last Arts and Sciences Competition (defined as February 7, 2021-February 27, 2022). 
  3. All entries must be suitable for posting on an official SCA web presence. 
  4. All entrants must be from Northshield, unless they are entering the “All Geeks Welcome” category. 
  5. Documentation is welcome but not required for any category except the “Extreme Documentation” category. Documentation that is submitted as a PDF will be posted HERE. Contact Eithni if you have documentation to post.
  6. Each participant is limited to THREE entries. Entries should be registered in one of the categories.
  7. All entrants must register HERE.
  8. Photos of entries should be posted in the Facebook group on or after February 11, 2022. Post ONE photo of your entry in the appropriate album and then post any additional photos as comments on the original image. This keeps all your images for one entry together. Early Entries will be deleted. Duplicate entries will be deleted.
  9. If you do not use Facebook or otherwise have some issue but would still like to participate, please contact Eithni (see contact form at the bottom of this page) for alternative options.
  10. Voting on entries for the Populace Choice will close at 9PM on Sunday, February 27, 2022. 

Rules for Voting/Comments:

  1. Each reaction (like, love, etc.) on the MAIN photo for an entry is counted as a vote for that entry for the populace prizes.
  2. Comments on the entries are appreciated but be constructive and kind if you offer any sort of criticism. Consider asking the entrant if they are interested in criticism before posting as this is more of a display than a strictly judged competition.
  3. If you have multiple Facebook accounts, please only use one for voting, don’t double-dip.
  4. You can react to as many entries as you want!
  5. Don’t forget to come back near the end of the competition to see any late entries!
  6. If you are interested in donating a prize, please contact Eithni through the form at the bottom of this page.


Provost/Webmistress: Eithni ingen Talorgain (Jean Kveberg) 608-628-7782 email by form at bottom of the page

Griffin image from the Luttrell Psalter, courtesy the British Library

2021 entries: