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Here is where you will find links to many of my class handouts as well as selected notes on books and other classes.
Eithni’s class handouts:

A Matter of Scale
Autocratting 101
Basic Sewing Skills
Building a Period Kit
Entering and Judging A&S Competitions
Eithni’s Magic Veil Stitch
Handsewing for Kids
Leak Your Geek (teaching)
Natural Dyeing Basics
Norse Child
     Part 1
     Part 2
     Part 3
     Supporting Docs
Pictish Bread
Pictish Gown
Iohanna’s Quick and Dirty Pictish Gown Worksheet
Pictish Life
Pictish Symbols
Pictish World, The
Planning a Garment
Reasonably Period Pant Pattern
Researching Obscure Topics
Research for Costumers
Research for Costumers – 15-16th century sources
Shirt Pattern – Pretty and Period
Shirt Pattern – Quick and Dirty
Site Investigation Template
Skirt Pattern
The Uberlist – the ultimate SCA packing list
Viking Toys – Balls
Viking Toys – Wooden Horses and Swords
The Well-Dressed Pict
Writing Documentation

Other folks’ class handouts: Please see the The Guest Hall

Eithni’s event and activity guidelines:

Griffin Needle Challenge (Sewing Competition)

Geektastic Challenge (High-level A&S Competition)

Peerage Pronunciations – how to pronounce the names of the Laurels and MODs of Northshield

Eithni’s Book Reviews:

            A few here


The Arts and Sciences Encyclopedia

 Years ago I undertook to compile an Encyclopedia of all the Arts and Sciences practiced in Northshield. The concept was that this was to be a collection of beginner’s articles, aimed at providing a very basic introduction and a set of resources so that the reader could learn more if desired. Below are the entries compiled thus far. If you would like to contribute an entry on your favorite A&S topic, please refer to the guidelines and contact Eithni for details.

 See the Arts and Sciences Encyclopedia here


The Stacks

 There are now several book-cataloguing sites available on the internet, but I have chosen to use LibraryThing. I have found it to be an easy-to-use and versatile website and the options for library voyeurism are wonderful. Please feel free to do some shelf-reading!

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