Useful Links

This is a page of links that I often refer people to or otherwise want to keep a record of and don’t want to have to google every time. The list is still preliminary and it will grow as I have time.


From Egyptian to Steampunk and from basic sewing tips to full patterns, this page has some quick links to get you started. (Thanks to Lauren for the link!)

Norse Topics

Simple Viking Clothing for Men and Women – Solid basic information with some historical information
Also as direct downloads, just in case it disappears from Lochac – Men’s Clothing and Women’s Clothing

The apron dress pattern I use has been turned into a nifty calculator by, of all things, Drea Leed on the Elizabethan costuming page. It’s not Elizabethan, I promise!

Viking Answer Lady – a little bit of info on pretty much everything Norse

Thora Sharptooth – particularly good for textile resources. The page layout is dated, but the content is good.