Peerage Pronunciations

This is a list of the members of the Orders of the Laurel and Defense created in the Kingdom of Northshield, a division of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).

As most of the investiture ceremonies include a reading of the Order’s lineage and many of us have tricky names, this is specifically a list of the pronunciations of each member’s name. See the links above for biographical and contact information for each person.

Please note, these are presented in a phonetic spelling that most people will be able to follow, not the official phonetic representations with all the funny characters, since that is as opaque to many people as the foreign names are! Items in blue italics have not been verified. Please send updates, changes, and corrections to Eithni.



Order Name Pronunciation
1 Danr Ketilsmiðr Dan-ner   Ket-tle-smid-ther
2 Giovanna di Battista da Firenze Gee-oh-vah-nah   dee    Bat-tease-tah   dee   Fir-en-say
3 Cainnech ruad mcGuairi Ken-neck   roo-odd   Mic-guar-ee
4 Cinniu ingen Cuthbaid Keen-you    ing-en   Cuhth-bade
5 Kevin O’Shaughnessy Kev-in   O   Shawn-ness-ee
6 Eithni ingen Talorgain EYEth-knee   ing-en   Tall-or-gahn
7 Faerisa Gwynarden Fah-riss-ah   Gwin-ard-den
8 Mairghread ingen Sean MY-red    ing-en   Shawn
9 Ingus Moen ING-guess   MOAN
10 Eliane Halevy A-lee-AHN   ha-LAY-vee
11 Simon Morcar Si-mon   More-car
12 Ivan Matfeevich Rezansky Ee-vahn   Mat-fee-vich   Rez-an-ski
13 Kou no Toshikage Ko   No   Toe-shi-kag-eh
14 Edwin atte Bridge Ed-win   at   Bridge
15 Margaret Fitzwilliam of Kent Mar-gar-et   Fitz-will-iam
16 Niccolo Falconetto Ni-COL-lo   Fall-con-net-toe
17 Juliana Foxcroft Jool-ee-ahn-a    Fox-croft
18 Orlaith Ballach Inghean Fhlain Or-la Ballach ing-en Fhlain
19 Petranella Fitzallen of Weston Pet-rah-knell-a   Fitz-al-len   of   West-ton
20 Bayard the Turner Bay-yard   the   Turn-er
21 Bartel fitz Neel Bar-tell   fitz   Kneel
22 Gweniver Kenwyn of Roseveth Gwen-I-ver   KEN-wyn – of   ROSE-veth
23 Guttorm Arnesson Goot-torm   Are-nuh-son
24 Eva of Greenfield Ay-vah   of   Green-field
25 Sofonisba Vespasiana Gabrielli So-fawn-EEs-ba   Ves-pas-e-awn-a   Gab-ree-ell-ee
26 Peter Joynar Peat-er   Join-er
27 Kudrun Pilegrim Kood-rune   Pill-grim
28 Ealdred of Malmesbury Eld-red   of   Malms-berry
29 Hrodir Vigageirr Toreson Row-dur   Vig-a-gear   Tore-son
30 Elizabeth von Kulmbach Ee-liz-a-beth   von   Cullm-bock
31 Gwenhwyvar verch Owen ap Morgan Gwen-a-veer   verch   Owe-en   app   More-gan
32 Fredrick de Fulbert Fred-rick   dee   Full-bert
33 Crispin Fletcher Crisp-en   Fletch-er
34 Katerina Unru Cat-er-ee-nah   Oon-roo
35  Corydon Rathbone Core-i-don   Rahth-bone
36  Typhaine Arondeal Tiff-ain   Ah-ron-dell
37 Christoforo Alfonso Pallavincino da Firenze KRIS-to-for-o Al-fon-so Pal-la-vin-cheen-o dah Fi-ren-zey
38 Sveinn Tunheim Svehn Toon-Highm
39 Annetje van Leuven AHN-etch-yah van LOO-ven
40 Tosten du Calais TAH-sten doo CAL-eh
41 Hrodwyn (called Trollslayer) ROD-win Br-eye-ken-sla-ga
42 Asny Halfdanardottir AHS-nee Haf-dans-daughter
43 Samia al-Lulu bint Isa sa-MEE-ah ahl-LOO-loo bint EE-sah
44 Vladimir Radescu Vlad-i-MEER RAD-ess-cue
45 Isabella Beatrice della Rosa
(called Belle)
iz-ah-BELL-ah BEE-ah-tris de la ROH-sah
called “Bell”
46 Thomas Bordeaux TOM-ass BORE-dough

Order of Defense:

Order Name Pronunciation
1 Ambrose von Pasau Am-brose   von   Pah-sow
1 Niccolo Falconetto Ni-COL-lo   Fall-con-net-toe
1 Piero di Salvestro Verrocchi Pea-err-O   dee   Salle-vest-row   Ver-oh-chi
4 Cyveiliog McKinley Kev-el-ick   Mic-Kin-lee
5 Edward of Kent Ed-ward   of   Kent
6 Tomas Ordones Sandino de Triana Toe-mahs   Or-doh-nyaz   Sand-ee-no   day   Tree-ah-nah
7 Margalit Medicus Marg-a-leet   Med-ih-cuss
8 Michael St. Christian My-cull   Saint   Christ-ian
9 Guillaume Ethos Isaac LeFort Ghee-ohm   Eeth-ohs   Eye-zack   Lah-Fort
10 Sibyl Sevenoke Si-bill    Seven-oak
11 César López de La Coruña SAY-zar LO-pez DAY LAH co-RU-nyah
12 Robert Talbot RAHB-ert  TAWL-buht
13 Simon Morcar SI-mon   MORE-car
14 Leona Talbot Lee-O-Nah TAWL-buht
15 Baldwin von Trier BALD-win von TREE-er