Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will there be food available on site?
A: Yes, there will be a meal plan that you can buy. Common menus include: oatmeal bar for breakfast (oatmeal plus various condiments/toppings), a sub sandwich bar for lunch (bread and cold cuts and non-greasy accompaniments) and beverages (lemonade, coffee, and tea) and healthy munchies (like hard boiled eggs, fresh veggies, etc.) available for snacks. The final menu and price will be posted in late summer/early fall, but that is a general idea of the concept and the price should run about $20-25 – you’ll just need to buy the plan at the gate, no messing with money during the event!

Q: Ew. I don’t want to eat that/am allergic to the menu/think vegetables are icky! Can I bring in food?
A: Yes, you may bring in food, but please try to keep it to low-mess, non-staining items. You are responsible for storing your own food and no cooking facilities will be available.

Q: Last time we had a sleeping room, it was too light/loud/crowded. What are the sleeping options this year?
A: We will have several communal sleeping rooms again this year. There are four options for sleeping arrangements:
1) Sleep at your sewing station (bring a cot or pallet, eye mask and earplugs)
2) Sleep in the communal basement room. Efforts will be made to keep it dark and quiet. However, it will be a shared sleeping space at night and used to serve meals during the day. Don’t expect silence or a lot of privacy and beds may need to be removed when not in use.
3) Reserve a local hotel room (no group block is planned).
4) Crash somewhere local.

Q: What about dinner?
A: There will be a feast offered for dinner on Saturday night. It will be included in the meal plan or available as a stand alone meal option.

Q: This sounds like fun, but I don’t have the money to participate. Sadness and woe! How can I still play?
A: There are several people who have indicated an interest in being a patron for a team. If you would like to sew for them, they are willing to provide the materials, and possibly other bribes. Also, some teams are not full and are willing to take on freelancers! Yet another option is to bring your own hand project and observe as the madness unfolds or offer to join the judging staff! Contact Eithni for details and options.